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2019/2020 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship At U of T - University Of toronto USA

2019/2020 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship At U of T - University Of toronto USA

2019/2020 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship At U of T - University Of toronto USA  - Application has opened for 2019/2020 MCFS at U of T - University Of toronto USA. See below application details,eligibility,deadline and procedure

2019/2020 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship At U of T - University Of toronto USA
2019/2020 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship At U of T - University Of toronto USA

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      This is to inform the general public that the 2017/2018 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program (MCFSP) at University of Toronto (U of T) is now open.
     The scholarship is to recognise gifted students from Africa,who displays need based qualities,to further their education at University of Toronto.

SCHOLARSHIP OVERVIEW: The Mastercard Foundation is a private foundation that is based in Toronto,Canada, that provides support for people living in poverty.


To be eligible for this scholarship,you must meet the following criteria;-

1. Must be a resident of Africa and must be graduating from a high school in sub-saharan Africa.

2. Must demonstrate financial need that corresponds to that of the lowest two quintiles of your country.

3.Must have strong academic results within your school curriculum

4.Must demonstrate leadership skills and extracurricular involvment

5.Must have strong desire and willingness to return to Africa and join in socio-economic evelopement

6.Must be graduating from a recognized secondary school,or have completed the necessary academic requirements

7.Must fulfil the necessary English language requirements depending on the country.


1.Travel cost to and from your home country for holidays

2.The scholarship will cover for your passport

3.Full tuition cost




7.Other expenses for the duration of your studies

SCHOLARSHIP DURATION : The scholarship is meant to cover all your years of studies according to your course of study.

APPLICATION DEADLINE : The deadline of the application is December 10th,2016

SCHOLARSHIP worth : 100% coverage


SCHOLARSHIP TYPE: The scholarship is only meant for undergraduates.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS TO BE TAKEN: The scholarship will accept 15 undergraduate students for 2017/2018 academic year

ELIGIBLE FIELDS OF STUDY: All programs offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science,Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the university for undergraduates.


1.Fill an online application-All applicable sections MUST be filled out,including contact info,financial document,personal details and responses to essay questions.

2.Upload scanned copy of financial document

3.Upload scanned copy of secondary school transcripts and any other academic information

4.Provide two names and contact details of two individuals who will submit your reference.

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Other participating institutions for the scholarship are;-

1.African Leadership Academy

2.African Institute For Mathematical Sciences

3.American University of Beirut-Faculty of Health Sciences

4.Ashesi University

5.Arizona State University



8.Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda

9.Duke University

10.Earth University

11.Equity Group Foundation Wings To Fly



14.Makerere University

15.MCGill University

16.Michigan State University

17.Stanford University

18.University of British Columbia

19.University of California,Berkeley

20.University of Cape Town

21.University of Edinburgh

22.University of Pretoria

23.University of Toronto

24.Wellesley College

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For enquiries; contact admissions office via email :


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