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Apply For 2018/2019 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (MCFS) at Wellesley College USA

Apply For 2018/2019 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (MCFS) at Wellesley College USA

Apply For 2018/2019 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (MCFS) at Wellesley College USA 
 Apply For 2018/2019 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (MCFS) at Wellesley College USA

  1.       The  Mastercard Foundation is an NGO  partnering with Wellesley College USAand has been offering 100% free Undergraduate and Post-graduate  scholarship to Africa female students who are from economically disadvantaged communities but could not continue due to their poor family background.
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  3. Let Us Look At The Brief description : This is to officially announce that the  Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme(MCFSP) for Sub-Saharan African students is now open for candidates who wish  to apply at Wellesley College ,USA for 2018/2019 academic year.

  4. Let Us see the Eligibility and criteria:
  6.  All  Candidates  applying for this scholarship MUST meet up with the following criteria;
  8.  For  Undergraduates:

  9. * Candidates MUST be a resident and a citizen of sub-Saharan Africa
  10. *Candidates  MUST have strong academic performance 
  11. *Candidates MUST demonstrate interest and show capacity for voluntary services and school/community activities at the point of returning back to Africa
  12. *Candidates MUST posses leadership potential
  13. *Candidates Will be willing to cope with change and have interest foreign countries and culture
  14. *Candidates MUST be financially unstable and are expected to come from lowest income bracket in country of origin
  15. *Candidates MUST be willing to return to serve their home country and enhance economic growth and social development at the end of the program
  16. * Candidates MUST have successfully completed their secondary education  with good grades
  17. *Transfer students are not eligible

  19. Benefits:
  20. Comprehensive scholarships: Support for tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and meal plan, and more.
  21. 21st-century skills: Training in skill areas relevant to employment success.
  22. Transition assistance: Mentoring, career counseling, leadership development, and other life-skills coaching
  23. Internships and career opportunities: Access to job opportunities across the African continent
  24. Give-back support: Experiential learning and opportunities for volunteerism and community service
  25. Duration:Full number of years as according to course duration
  27.     Application deadline:-
  28.  Candidates must submit application before the following deadlines;
  29.  3 December (early decision) 30 January (regular decision)

  31.   Scholarship worth- 100%
  33.  Eligible countries- African countries

  34. Scholarship offered since: 2012

  35. Type of scholarship:  undergraduate  programme

  36. Number of scholarship spaces: Nine

  37. Eligible Field of study: All courses offered at Wellesley College USA

  39.     To apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Wellesley College USA,
All applicants to Wellesley, who apply for financial aid and meet the criteria for The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program, will be considered for the Scholarship. You do not need to complete additional forms or take additional steps at this time.
Finalist candidates for the Scholarship will be contacted by the Admission Office (after they submit their applications to Wellesley) and asked to conduct a Skype interview.

  1. Visit scholarship webpage for details

  1. Important Notes: Even if you are not awarded this scholarship, Wellesley is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated need for all admitted international citizens who have applied for financial aid during the admission process. Its purpose is to support highly qualified candidates who could not otherwise attend Wellesley.

  1.                        FAQ ;

  1. Who sponsors this Scholarship? :
  3. Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme (MCFSP),at Wellesley College USA

  4. Can you tell me more about this Scholarship?
  6.       The Mastercard Foundation has partnered with Wellesley College USA,to provide full(100%) tuition scholarships to Undergraduate female students from Sub-Saharan Africa.The institution will receive §45million in funding from the foundation to support over 185 scholars (100-four year undergraduates and 85 master's degree students) throughout their course of study.
  7.      Students applying must have demonstrated academic talents,economically disadvantaged and have personal commitment towards giving back to their countries .
  8.      Other participating institutions includes;
  9. 1. African Leadership Academy

  10. 2. African Institute For 
  11. Mathematical Sciences

  12. 3. American University of Beirut-Faculty of Health Sciences

  13. 4. Ashesi University

  14. 5. Arizona State University

  15. 6. BRAC

  16. 7. Camfed

  17. 8. Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda

  18. 9. Duke University

  19. 10. Earth University

  20. 11. Equity Group Foundation Wings To Fly

  21. 12. FAWE

  22. 13. KNUST

  23. 14. Makerere University

  24. 15. MCGill University

  25. 16. Michigan State University

  26. 17. Stanford University

  27. 18. University of British Columbia

  28. 19. University of California,Berkeley

  29. 20. University of Cape Town

  30. 21. University of Edinburgh

  31. 22. University of Pretoria

  32. 23. University of Toronto

  33. 24. Wellesley College

  34.  The estimated cost of this scholarship is $700 Million

For enquiries about Mastercard Scholarship Foundation at Wellesley College USA, contact : 

Email :

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