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Apply for 2018/2019 undergraduate Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Makerere University Uganda


  2. How To Apply For 2017/2018 Mastercard Foundation Scholarship (MCFS) at Makerere University Uganda.

  1.        Mastercard Foundation is partnering with Makerere University Uganda to offer 100% free Undergraduate   scholarship to Africa students who are from economically disadvantaged communities but could not continue as a result of poor family background.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Makerere University, through the MasterCard Foundation is offering full scholarships to  young African undergraduates to educate and empower the next generation of African leaders at Makerere University, Uganda for 2017/2018 academic year.


  All candidates applying for Mastercard Foundation Scholarship(MCFS) at Makerere University Uganda MUST meet up with the following eligibility and criteria:

Applicants must apply for admission to Makerere University main campus only for academic year 2016/17 on private scheme. The applicant should be admitted on direct entry (using UACE results) or its equivalent for international applicants.
# The applicant must be from an economically disadvantaged background, and a citizen of any country in Africa.
# The applicant should exhibit academic excellence in either Sciences or Arts with a minimum of 15 points for boys and 13 points for girls at UACE for Ugandans, and two principal passes in relevant subjects for international applicants. Those who studied sciences have an added advantage.
# The applicant must demonstrate leadership skills, commitment to social betterment and giving back to their communities.
# The applicant should not have been admitted on government or be holders of any other scholarship.

 Criteria: Applicants must be:
# Academically talented, must value learning and be driven to complete their education.
# Economically disadvantaged and facing significant financial barriers to accessing education.
# Committed to giving back to their own communities once studies are completed.
# Return to their home areas and countries and take a leadership role in promoting social and economic improvement.
# Future leaders committed to embracing ethical leadership to improve the lives of others.
# Commitment to community service through previous and/or past engagements with community outreach activities
# Wanting to study at undergraduate level at Makerere University
# All prospective Scholars must first be admitted to Makerere University to be considered for the Scholarship.

Benefits: Financialsupports,books,supplies,transportation,accomodation,stipends,skills training,giving back component,Alumni network etc.

Duration: Full number of years as according to course duration

Application Deadline: Candidates must submit application before the following deadlines;
 28th April 2017 5pm

 Scholarship worth- 100%
Scholarship offered since? : 2014
Offered annually? Yes
Type: undergraduate
Eligible Countries: Citizens and residents of all African countries are eligible
To be taken at: Makerere University, Uganda
Eligible Field of Study: 
Applying to study in the preferred fields of Agriculture, Veterinary medicine, ICT, Health Sciences, Technology and Engeneering, Law and Human rights and Business and Financial Management at Makerere University.
About Scholarship: Makerere University has partnered with The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) to support 1,000 academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to access quality university education from 2014 to 2024. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University is pleased to announce 200 scholarship opportunities for both national and international students who will be joining the University in the academic year 2017/18 for undergraduate education.
Makerere University mastercard foundation scholarship

Number of Scholarships: 256 for 2017/2018 academic year and a total of 1,000 students through 10 year period of the scholars program.
Value of Scholarship: full scholarship
Duration of Scholarship: for the period of the undergraduate degree
How to Apply:
  • Applicants should obtain and complete the Scholarship Application Forms at no cost from Makerere University, Senate Building Level 4, Room 402,
Down load the application forms from The MasterCard Foundation Scholars website on or Visit the University website at
  • Submit completed Application Forms to the address in (1) above by Friday 28th April 2017 at 5:00pm. If submitting by email as an attachment, ensure the scanned copy of the scholarship application form is clearly legible and send to:
  • Should you need further clarification on the application process don’t hesitate to call us on our hotline +256 414 542470

Important Notes: This program exercises merit principles and zero tolerance to dishonesty.  Any form of influence pedaling by anybody leads to automatic cancellation. Cases of impersonation, falsification of documents, giving false and incomplete information whenever discovered will lead to automatic cancellation and or prosecution in the courts of law of Uganda.
Only successful applicants will be contacted at every stage of the application process.
Female applicants are particularly encouraged to apply.

  1.  FAQ ;

  1. Who sponsors this Scholarship? :
  3. Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Programme (MCFSP),at Makerere University Uganda

  4. Can you tell me more about this Scholarship?
  6.       The Mastercard Foundation has partnered with Makerere University Uganda,to provide full(100%) tuition scholarships to Undergraduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa.The institution will receive §xx million in funding from the foundation to support over 256 undergraduate scholars throughout their course of study.
  7.      Students applying must have demonstrated academic talents,economically disadvantaged and have personal commitment towards giving back to their countries .
  8.      Other participating institutions includes;
  9. 1. African Leadership Academy

  10. 2. African Institute For 
  11. Mathematical Sciences

  12. 3. American University of Beirut-Faculty of Health Sciences

  13. 4. Ashesi University

  14. 5. Arizona State University

  15. 6. BRAC

  16. 7. Camfed

  17. 8. Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda

  18. 9. Duke University

  19. 10. Earth University

  20. 11. Equity Group Foundation Wings To Fly

  21. 12. FAWE

  22. 13. KNUST

  23. 14. Makerere University

  24. 15. MCGill University

  25. 16. Michigan State University

  26. 17. Stanford University

  27. 18. University of British Columbia

  28. 19. University of California,Berkeley

  29. 20. University of Cape Town

  30. 21. University of Edinburgh

  31. 22. University of Pretoria

  32. 23. University of Toronto

  33. 24. Wellesley College

  34.  The estimated cost of this scholarship is §700 Million

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